Q:  What services do your installers offer?
A:  Laurie Kitchen & Bath is a full-service remodeling      company, specializing in kitchen and bath design and installation.  We have our own team of experienced        installers to complete your project from start to finish.  We will do the complete site preparation by removing existing cabinetry, fixtures, etc.  If you need to move a wall, add a door, add an electrical outlet or connect your faucet - WE DO IT ALL!  No need to hire a dozen contractors.  We also offer tile installation.
Q:  What happens if I have a plumbing leak or some other problem after my installation?
A:  We will come back and fix it!  We guarantee our work 100% and we are fully insured.

Q:  I do not live at the lake full time.  How does installation take place when I am not there?
A:  We work with weekend residents on a regular basis.  Often, our customers provide us with a spare key or inform us of a hidden key location.  If your neighbor has access to your home, we will work with them at the time of your installation. Please let us know what is most comfortable for you.  We will also work around      the dates you will be using the home to minimize any inconvenience.

Q:  There are so many countertop options!  How do I decide what countertop material to use?
A:  This is a personal decision that should be based on your individual needs.  For example - For the person who does a lot of work in the kitchen and desires a
durable surface without needing special maintenance we would recommend granite or a quartz surface.  If you are working within a tight budget and would just like to freshen up the look of your kitchen, solid surfacing or laminate may be the product for you. We are always happy to discuss all of the available products with you to find the countertop solution that is a perfect fit for your lifestyle and budget.

Q:  Can I replace only my cabinet doors instead of completely replacing the cabinets?
A:  Certainly.  We work with local custom cabinet builders who can create replacement doors and build additional cabinets to match your existing kitchen.  However, depending on the overall condition of your cabinets, you may decide that installing new cabinetry is well worth the investment.

Q:  Can you provide me with a list of references from your past customers?
A:  Absolutely!